Ice Cream

It takes 2 hours, by bus, to get to the store.
 Another GD bill collector knocks at your door
The rent is too high, you don’t have enough
Landlord replies: “yeah, we all have it rough!”
Hustlers implore, “Can you spare a dime?”
Eyes front, keep walking, you don’t have the time.
Punch in for the temp job “lucky you” has today,
Cleaning the offices where rich people play.
Shine, polish, sweep and take out the trash.
Empty it carefully, one time there was cash.
Get home, PTA bath, maybe time for a nap?
Then go clean the school where they teach your kids crap.
The kids have to come with you, that’s understood;
Be quiet, don’t get caught, you might find them some food.
Working hard was the answer to getting ahead.
Yeah right, you’d be happy with a loaf of stale bread.
Catch the early bus home and see the sunrise,

Another day, no more dollars, that’s no real surprise.
Open the door; no lights, water, or heat,
Pay up, this is it, or you’re out on the street.
Dig through your stuff to find something to pawn.
Your treasure is greeted with an uncaring yawn.
The color that matters is green and you’re brown,
Keep to yourself on “that side of town”.
One thing is nice with utilities all gone…No pictures, no sound ‘til TV comes back on.
No light, no sound, it’s really a dream
At least you’re not on the news where they can hear when you scream.


5 thoughts on “Ice Cream

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  2. Dear Author,
    Your poem really speaks to me. My family’s having a tough time financially, especially since the Affordable Care Act, which, ironically, has made our healthcare unaffordable. We’re barely scraping by, barely making our most important bills and late on our mortgage. Thanks for putting your anger into verse.


    • I try and keep politics out of my poetry site but, that being said, I do not agree with you on ACA as I’ve been acting as a helper to folks signing up for it and know the facts of ACA as opposed to the garbage spewed by FauxNews. I myself live at less than 50% of the Federal poverty level, so I can empathize with your dilemma. With your finances being as you said, the only way you’d have your insurance “go up” is that you live in a state that did not expand Medicare, has cut social services and other “safety net” programs. If you need help accessing this type of aid, please feel free to contact me at


      • First off, I am not against ACA. My quarrel is with Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Minnesota, our insurance. They reacted to the ACA by raising our premiums and deductibles beyond what we can pay. They said my husband’s employer had 50+ employees so we were not eligible for a less expensive plan. The employer’s count was 48. ACA worked fine; our insurance ended up screwing us. I almost pursued insurance for just me and the kids, but it isn’t worth it after what we’ve paid toward the deductible already. We walk a fine line between okay and losing everything.
        I said your poem spoke to me and I like your writing. I wasn’t trying to make a political statement. I was trying to tell you how I really understood what you were saying. Deborah Goschy


  3. Deborah,
    Please forgive me, I didn’t mean to add to your pain. I’ve dealt with a lot of bloggers that are shilling for a political viewpoint and got seriously burned by one myself, so I went off half cocked and am seriously sorry for it. BX/BS lied to you most likely, I’ve found quite a few insurance companies that did this in order to “keep” folks on their private rolls rather than letting them shop around. And I do understand about the deductible bit etc. I’m stuck with mine until May and one thing I do know is that if you have insurance now, regardless of who it’s with, and you get to the renewal time, you can shop ACA again with no penalty. I honestly feel for you and all the others who’ve been caught between the rock and hard place that our economy is now. Like I said, if I can help, even if just as a sounding board etc. please email me ok? Btw, today’s poem is for you, thank you.


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