I’d Have bet Good Money on That…

My mother used to quote Lincoln to us all the time.  One of her favorites was “It is better to remain silent, and thought a fool, than to speak up and remove all doubt.”  I try and keep that in mind when on other social media, especially when dealing with friends of friends or relatives of friends.  However, there comes a time when “I told you so” would be so nice to zero in on the, often, low information, Faux News watchers that clog my feed in times of “national emergency” or “freeDumb” being “threatened by big gubmint”.  This is the case with the Bundy v. BLM range fees fiasco.

A friend’s husband applauded her “insight” on her page lauding (ahem!) Mr. Bundy’s position versus the feds over “land rights” etc.  I, being an AZ native who has extensive real life experience both with ranchers and the BLM and its’ policies went right at her with <gasp!> facts.  He defended her by bullying me.  Mind you, I’ve never met the man and I’m pretty sure my friend could have defended herself if she’d so chosen as I do know her.  I left it at: “I guess time will tell who is telling the truth and who is an idiot.”  Seems Mr. Bundy told his truth and it’s made him show his inner racist idiot.  Not only does he go off on Black Americans and the welfare state etc. he does this whilst refusing to pay his own bills.  You know, the ones he had to sign a grazing contract on, every year for over 20 years?  Yeah, those bills.  The ones for cattle feed that he can’t afford on his own land but thinks Americans should give him for free on their land.

I’ll admit I have a brother in law on a heavy spam filter as his inner redneck gets the best of him sometimes and I don’t like family fights over stupid.  Oh, and my son is on “hide” on fb because, well, he’s 21 and I am no longer responsible for his mouth! 😉


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