The “news” just noticed this, “Over 200 young women kidnapped from their school in Nigeria!”

And that not only shows the American centric views held by the main stream media, but lots of other types of media too.  Why?  Because it’s been more than TWO WEEKS since the incident took place.  Some girls managed to evade the capture, some have escaped but most of them are still missing.  How does a Midwestern housewife keep up better than NBC?  I have friends in Africa, and I care about them, so I watch what international news channels I have access to as well as keeping in touch with them and what’s going on where they are at.

In fact, I have friends in many countries around the world and I try to keep up with them all as best I can.  Like my friend in Quito, Peru.  A few weeks back, something popped on my news feed about a volcano being huffy down her way.  When questioned, she said, “It’s been going on for months.  I wonder why it’s in Your news now?”.  My reply, “I guess they got tired of looking for an invisible plane.”  I used that to show  how much time we spend repeating the “top stories” over and over and not really paying attention to our global information networks.   Sheesh, someone was just asking on FB “what’s with the troops we’re inserting into Latvia, Estonia, Poland and Lithuania?”   To which I replied, did you just ignore the map of Middle Europe after Sochi?

We are saturated with so called “news”, but it must be NEW to be news, not just, oh, now we have room to stick this in somewhere or, it’s trending on Twitter!.  We are all connected and what we do to maintain that connection is what makes us world citizens and relevant to the human condition of all peoples.  Step outside your comfort zone…….it’s really cool out here!


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