Ferguson Files: Musings on A Movement

It’s called a struggle because it’s hard; takes time and patience. This is not an instant revolution/movement. It will not satisfy an ego, fill an empty heart or make anyone feel better about what’s going on around them in this country. We, all of us, are in the struggle of our lives, for our children’s children’s sake, we need to come together and get over ourselves. Don’t blow it by deserting your posts in the movement because you agree or disagree with a certain person.  No one likes everyone and every single person can’t stand someone else in the movement. It just doesn’t matter! 

It does Not mean you have to actively support it if it’s against something you hold higher than the movement, but it does mean that you when you  have agreed that an action is going to happen,  you are part of the group that makes it happen. You have the attention of the entire nation at your disposal, and the nation now knows you exist! Instantaneous actions can/might happen, but try and keep ahead of the movement so it doesn’t steamroller your issues. Support your brothers and sisters as they flow in and out of actions and welcome them home. Things happen in the heat of the struggle…..get past it.
Remember that we have a choice, we can come from a place of fear (of loss, of face, of fame, of whatever) or a place of love……for each other, our country, human beings, the entire planet. Check your ego at the door…..bring your truest best most heartfelt self inside.
I wish you love, peace and warmth.


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