Ferguson Files: Feminists on the Front Lines

As I sit out here with the ongoing protests and actions in Ferguson, MO and around St. Louis, I’ve been revisited by one fact, over and over, there are a lot of feminists out here, whether they’d identify themselves that way or not.  While a lot has been said and shown about the “angry young men” of Ferguson and St. Louis, but there is a notable lack when it comes to the women, young and old who’ve been out here too.

I call them feminists because they are fighting for equal, human rights for all.  They are the mothers who are out here supporting their children’s voices and yelling right along with them.  They are the peacemakers who’ve tried to keep things peaceful.  They are the “anti-crime” unit of women citizens who stood in front of shop fronts and told looters, “NO!”, at their own peril.   Many middle aged women have suddenly become well versed in the FB, Twitter, Vine, Instagram, and other social medias in order to be where they are needed most.  Some bring their babies and young children to “be a part of history”.  Others give their permission for the teens to go out there as well as making sure they get there and home safely.  They drive cars, bring first aid supplies, make sure people get food and water, and other “everyday” logistics that tend to get lost in actions on the streets. Some have started programs already, more are on the starting line, others are still on the protest lines.  Day in, day out, and through the nights…they remain

Women seem to be the unsung heroes of a lot of social and civil changes over the course of history perhaps because, like your mother, they are always there, lending a hand.   I know only a few names, but if you’ve been here, or anywhere, and want to add a name, please feel free to do so in the comments.

KUDOS: Wanda, Lola, Mama Kat, ReRe, Gypsy, Mz. A., Anna, Carrie, Dez, Brittainee, Qee, Nikki, and all the rest.


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