The Ferguson Files: And Now We Wait

The voters have voted, the tallies are in, and who knows what will happen now in Missouri or Illinois.  One thing we do know, the grand jury, or the powers that be that control it, will be able to return without “messing up the races”.

The government, on all levels, and the police, on all levels are prepared and rearmed.  Yes, REarmed.  The city/county spent over $1,000,000.00 to refill their tear gas, bean bags, rubber bullets etc., though they keep saying they can’t afford the overtime they are required to pay the police.

We, the people, wait.  We wait in fear and fury.  Fear of what might happen if there is no indictment, fury at what will happen if there is no indictment.  Plans are laid to protect, as best we can, the innocent bystanders and the protestors.  And yes, at DAY 75, they are still out there, despite wind, rain, and temps in the freezing range, they are still there.  WE are still there, here and we’re still waiting on justice.


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