Ferguson Files: You Can Only Wind Something So Tight

Before it knots, pops, sproings, tangles, and generally gets in its’ own way.  One thing it will never be is as it was before the intractable tension was placed on it.  Ferguson, and the Greater St. Louis Metro area are in the knotting and tangling in on itself stages of tension.  It comes from all directions, police, government, peaceful protesters, angry protesters, freaked out citizenry and, our old favorite since October 9, 2014…….the “I can carry any gun I want anywhere” cuckoos.

We have seen NO change.  The mayor is the same, as is the Police Chief and his minions, Darren Wilson is still getting paid for doing nothing, Prosecutor McCullough thinks there is nothing wrong with him having a cozy relationship to the Police Benevolence Society (he’s the Prez) and being on this case.  Oh, and the unsolved murder of his own father by a black man.  He won’t step down unless the governor orders it, and the governor won’t order it because……politics.  The most dangerous kind of game to play is one where peoples’ lives hang in the balance with politics.  The “people” never win.

So we wait, collect pennies and dimes as we can since we’re just people, not “non profit organizations” who’ve gone since they got their $$.  We’ll do the best we can with what we have……….heart and soul.

I’ll be here, so will my friends, just as we have been for years, on the front lines of poverty.  We live here as do most of the folks that you saw on TV back in August and September.  Believe me, if there was work to be had, those folks wouldn’t have been out in the streets all day and night.  And we’ll be here until the end……….and for the aftermath too.


4 thoughts on “Ferguson Files: You Can Only Wind Something So Tight

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    • I am not sure what you are asking about in re source. I am the one out there and doing the blog. Is there a specific reference you need? Thx for reading.


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