Ferguson Files: The “Fight” for Non-Violence

It’s day 100, or thereabouts, and still nothing but rampant speculation, rumors, fear mongering, blatant racism, more “new” evidence and on and on.

From where I stand, it’s almost as if certain sectors of the population are spoiling for a race war.  We have the KKK, the anarchists, the “burn it down”, the open carry groups, the insanity that comes from too much stress, and many other things to think over and worry about than might be first evident.

As a legal observer, I am not allowed to intervene, deal with cops etc. and just being a witness is harder than you might think.  I’ve also been dedicated to non-violence for over 30 years.  And that gets harder all the time, so I’d like to take this chance to explain where me and those like me are coming from.

I am not a pacifist, so we’ll get that right out of the way.  However, I had some very good teachers in non-violent protest that had Brilliant teachers like Martin Luther King Jr. and SNCC.

Non-violence actually takes more training and practicing than you can learn in an afternoon, or even over the weekend.  It involves going into yourself so deep you have no choice but to see what sort of person you really are and what you’d risk to not be violent, even in a violent situation.   Sitting or standing or marching can all be done non-violently.  You can even throw in a little Civil Disobedience if you like and wish to risk jail or harm to your person.  It is, very much, a personal choice.

Step #1 is making that very personal choice and sticking to it no matter what’s going on with folks around you.  They have to make their own choices for themselves.

Step #2, and this is CRITICAL, don’t react, no matter what happens, just don’t react.  You can take action (see Civil Disobedience etc.) but don’t do REactions.  Even if the cops roll out the big guns again, how powerful would it be if everyone that comes out in North City/County does their own thing with marching etc., and when the cops can’t help but REact, and we don’t?  Then who are the “animals” and “deserve this” etc.

Step#3, make your own plans for you to be able to maintain your stance or know how far you can go, then stick to it.  This does not mean you can’t reevaluate as each day passes, but after the reevaluation, then go to step one and two again.

Personally, I’m older, can’t run fast, etc. and I am not into people getting hurt.  I’ve seen way too much of that in my life.  My plan, such as it is, is to keep protesting peacefully, encourage peaceful protests, mass actions, render first aid and safe haven and, if all else fails and the cops go ape, I and a few friends in the same physical condition plan on “tripping” and “falling” so that police have to go over us.  Yeah, human speed bumps, what a concept.


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