Ferguson Files: The first 100 days

I write this on the 101st day since Michael Brown was killed and the protests regarding it started.  I’m doing it “late” since it seems more things happened yesterday than have happened since “Ferguson October” on Columbus Day weekend except for one gigantic exception, the protestors in Ferguson are still out and marching.  Yep, every single day, and now despite below freezing temps and a mix of rain and snow, we are still HERE.  There were other protests and actions yesterday, in other parts of the Metro St. Louis area, and they were dutifully covered by the main stream news.  Funny thing though, no one from the media came out to the march in Ferguson, or if they did, they didn’t think it was newsworthy anymore.  In fact, the media was asking those other protestors if they didn’t think it’d gone on long enough etc.  So here is my reporting on day 101:  What we know for a fact is: Michael Brown is dead, Patrolman Darren Wilson is still on paid leave, the endemic racism that is a part of the psyche of this city is no longer hidden, but blatantly expressed towards protestors and their allies and, despite all the sound bites and news stories, nothing here has changed.  We want a change, a Real one, and we won’t stop until we get it. data-href=”https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=1514786208807779&#8243; data-width=”466″><div class=”fb-xfbml-parse-ignore”><a


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