Ferguson Files: Another Weekend, Another Wait

We get rumors, speculation, guarantees and wannabees in the mix every day.  It, and the waiting are wearing people thin.  I seem to spend a lot of time asking folks not to risk arrest so that we will have them in our numbers on decision day.  But, folks choose what they choose.

There was a protest Saturday night at the Ferguson PD which resulted in some arrests including that of a member of the press.  This went directly against the injunction issued by the courts here on Friday to keep the police from arresting the press!  It’s not like it wasn’t obvious.  He had a huge camera kit, was on the sidewalk and had his press pass clearly visible.  So much for the authorities doing what other authorities tell them to do eh?

Sunday there were scattered protests throughout the St. Louis area: Shaw neighborhood (in South City and composed of mostly white protestors FROM South City), Riverview Gardens (mixed crowd) and back to Ferguson (more pepper than salt if you get my drift).  It’s not unexpected that whites in this city are not necessarily comfortable in other neighborhoods, but THAT is exactly what the problem is: People don’t know each other.  It’s time for the “paler protestors” to get comfortable with the people they are supposed to be in Solidarity with.  That, and get their shiny faces up front of the line.


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