Ferguson Files: Snowing with a Chance of Teargas

I wasn’t going to stay tonight.  I had gotten a box of handwarmers donated so I was taking them over before picking up a guest at the airport.  Then I got the text he wasn’t going to make it, so we hung out for longer than we’d been expecting to do. It was nice to hang out, despite the snow/rain mix and catch up with how folks were dealing with having to Still be out there for justice.  They are “all good” and we’re doing Turkey dinner on the ground there tomorrow.  Yeah!

I was glad to see more foreign press there as they tend not to slant things too badly.  Unfortunately for myself, someone told some of them I speak more than English.  So, sans hat, I did do a spot for the Japanese, Netherlands, BBC Radio, Italian TV, and German news.  Ran into a friends’ professor, Chenjerai Kumanyika,  out from Clemson where they have their own issues on race relations: https://www.facebook.com/TigerStripesCU

Peace reigned, despite snow and because of Mama Kat and Karl bringing chicken soup and such.  Handwarmers were much needed.

Then, as it came up on 930pm our time, a flood of paler faces came into the area, went across to the PD and started to sweep south.  Other LO’s had showed up with new hats, so, since I wasn’t even supposed to be there, I bounced.  Didn’t need the drama since I’d left my medkit etc. home.  It’s ok, we’re back tomorrow and having Thanksgiving on the ground, exactly how it should be with a family that has welcomed me and mine for 4 years.  Happy Thanksgiving!


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