Ferguson Files: Thanksgiving, Why I Serve

We didn’t go out tonight.  Well, we did and didn’t.  We went to help serve the Thanksgiving dinner that was given to the protestors by St. Luke’s AME Church.  It was a bit crowded, but there was more than enough.  Mama Kat always makes more than enough.  It was so good to see faces that have been missing or just missed in the crowds in Ferguson.  Even babies that haven’t been seen in months made the dinner.

You have to understand, after this long on the line with each other, we are family.  For all this time, there has been a 24/7 presence at the Ferguson PD.  The saying is, amongst us, that you’re not a “real protestor” until you’ve spent a night in the parking lot there.

After dinner, different groups went to different stores and malls to shut them down.  With much success I might add.  They were able to get by the National Guard that some idiot posted up outside the Galleria (very Expensive mall) instead of in Ferguson or other places that truly might have needed them.

There are some women who cook for us all the time, like Mama Kat.  I’m in charge of cocoa for the really cold nights now.  I am so very grateful for her and others like her for keeping body and soul together.  When a reporter asked us, “Do you use any special ingredients?”  We three “moms” there answered in unison without looking at each other.  One word.  Love.  I am so very grateful for that love, it keeps us going.


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