Ferguson Files: Diogenes Takes a “Down Day”

“Down Day”, it’s a term I learned in the military milieu, it means a paid day off or time to rest up before and after missions.  I didn’t know how badly I needed one until I was forced, by outside circumstances, to take one.   The “Organizers” talk about “self care” a lot, but my folks in the street don’t have the luxury of a free hotel room and room service.  They, like I, live here and have coped with it 24/7 since August.

Some have actually lived in the streets or parking lots where ongoing protests have been held for months now.  They rely on Mama Cat, Cooky, myself and others for food, clothes, even a place to get cleaned up.  It’s been bitter cold lately, so warmth is a big item on the “needs menu”.  The needs are being met by a few, non fully funded types, with the big orgs coming in for the major news slot nights, but day to day, not so much.

I want to thank all of those around the world who’ve been helping and supporting the protests here. I’d like to remind people to please check on any type of cyber fundraisers they see regarding Ferguson or St. Louis as, along with the protestors, the shysters are out there too.  However, I think the message may be getting out about racism and its’ devastating impact on everyone, no matter their skin color.  Hate hurts all humans.


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