Ferguson Files: Of Night & Fog

Driving over tonight was a bit surreal.  The North bridge is a white suspension bridge and was all but invisible in the fog rising from the Mississippi.  I felt as if I were driving on the fog itself, a bit like I’ve felt since all of this started.  Why?  Seems to be the most common question here still.

Why are people essentially mined for their money by the state, city and towns around it?  Why are the people disparaged, disenfranchised, denied entry into the larger civil structure here?  Why do the police, school boards and corporations see half of the population as nothing more than a Kleenex to be thrown out in the trash?  Why do white people say such mean and hateful things to black and brown people they don’t even know?  Why is racism still a “thing”? (we do kind of know the answer to that one at least in STL)

Why don’t we have block parties anymore?  Whatever happened to being able to play in the streets with your friends? Why don’t we take a casserole to the new family on the block?  Why don’t we have a kid or one who knows a kid who will babysit?  Why don’t we talk to the feckin mail carrier? Why don’t we even Know who our neighbors are let alone care about them?

I have no answer other than fear and isolation.  We’ve put ourselves into a fog of “information” but we don’t seem to know what is important to human life and what is just filler.  Who cares what the Bush daughters were doing on the White House roof? <made you look>  I sure as hell don’t, but a lot of folks who could be helping a neighbor, a neighborhood, a community, a school, and on and on.  We do so too have time!  Get off FB, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram et al and go actually strike up a conversation with a person.  It may not go well at first, but we’re not used to actual human interaction much these days, so give it a few tries.  I think you’ll be surprised at the new and interesting people you meet and make friends with.

~Much thanks to Ebonie Tyse, who sat and talked to me in the fog tonight.


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