Ferguson Files:Neither snow nor rain

This file is a combined file as there were two actions I attended this weekend and I was too tired to post Friday night.

It’s seems like Ferguson Fridays are becoming a thing, kind of like Moral Mondays.  Friday night was miserable, damp, with off and on rain throughout.  We’d already had over an inch of rain by the time we arrived at 7:30pm CST.  We’d come early as we’d brought out the canopy and cocoa.  Yeah, the chocolate fairy visits as often as she can.

The night started out small, about 15 protestors at 8ish but steadily grew over time to maybe 100.  They took the streets a few times and also did a die-in.  The police arrested 2 people from where I stood observing.  One was not arrested because the police snatched the protestor they thought they were after instead of the one who’d been standing in the streets moments earlier.  Can you guess what they were looking at?  I knew you could.

We shut down fairly early, about 1130 as the rain had intensified and it was dropping towards freezing.


Sunday in The Ville

The Ville used to be the middle, upper middle and upper class black section of St. Louis.  It had it’s own banks, stores, shops, garages, hospital, professional buildings etc.  It was a place of schools, clubs, community areas, in other words, just what you’d see in any prospering town.  It still holds some of its’ character and characters, but fewer and fewer all the time

Then came something called the Arch Grounds, Pruitt-Igo (The Pruitt-Igo Myth) and then a man named Paul McKee found out the city was giving, yes literally giving land and houses away.

You can google him and find all the grotesque things he’s done to get his hands on the property.  I’ll give you a brief taste: He wanted the land, so he’d buy a house from the city for about $100 and let it go to rack and ruin (blight).  This one house would then blight the block and then the neighborhood.  All the while he’s buying up areas and oh, he’s getting TIFF money from the city AND the state for a redevelopment.  Essentially he used money he got from the city to buy property from the city!  He finally had to present his redevelopment plan…….after YEARS of wrangling with the city and state over money.  Meanwhile, it goes further and further down hill in the area.  Now he’s finally filed his plan but it leaves out INFRASTRUCTURE!  Yeah, he’ll redevelop, but he won’t pay for sewers, water lines, sidewalks, etc.  Yeah, should be a fun place to live as the city is very close to broke now and is refusing to build the infrastructure.

But, these folks, decided to say “Thank you” to all the people who’ve been out there fighting and they are stepping up too.  It’s just amazing.


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