Ferguson Files: The Costs of a Movement

It was wonderful of the people of The Ville to have a support and celebration of the protestors, supporters and voices of the people of Ferguson/North City/North County.  We’re all very aware that our small city and smaller towns in a fairly insignificant state stole  the “first march” on this issue of racism and how it impacts us all.  A single hot day in August of this year has linked us all to the greater movements of today and of history.

As with most new things, we’ve stumbled around a bit getting our bearings.  We’ve gained and lost friends, supporters, employers and partners, sometimes even children or elders in our families.  The constant stressors of living within an ongoing action of over 120 days tends to test even the strongest constitution and resolve.

But, despite the costs, we are still here.  Despite the weather, we’re still here.  Despite the calumny heaped upon us, we’re still here.  Despite not knowing what day it is sometimes, many of us have moved to what I call the “activists calendar”, so that when asked what day it is, we don’t reply,”oh, it’s Monday the 8th of December.” we reply “it’s day 121, oh, you meant the name of the day?”  So, please forgive short tempers, tiredness, momentary weakness of spine, crankiness and, the worst thing of all, missing an action/protest/march/etc.  We are still here, and we’re doing the best we can.  The people are not fully funded anythings let alone activists/protestors.  We take it from our own pockets so as to serve the greater good and are grateful for friends, met and unmet who respond to calls for supplies and shelter.  We’ll take it on the chin until we fall in our tracks or someone steps up to take our place on the line to give us some respite.


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