Ferguson Files: The Days You Just Cry

Yes, it happens to us all, the ones on the line.  We lose one too many supports from our lives or people from our lives. Usually the later.  And for each of us, the number, relation or not, closeness, etc. is different and intensely personal.   When that tipping point is reached, we bend as far as we can and then, well then, we tend to break.  Or at least breakdown for a time of unknown, and again personal, duration.

Yes, another young man was shot and killed in North City St. Louis.  He was 25 with a wife and kids and he was bringing in the groceries from the car.  And no, he wasn’t killed by police, but by currently unknown assailants.

So what part of this particular life should matter?

The fact that he was killed?  Or who killed him? 

How about what killed him?

Yes, what killed him is where the root lies.  What killed him was poverty.  Poverty fueled by years of public and private. polices and systems with racism and classism built into them.  The poverty that forces people to give up on dreams at a very young age just so that they can survive.  And sometimes are forced to do things they’d rather not. Again, to simply survive.

Like living in a violent area due to your own poverty and this area is violent Due to poverty. By the way, the white privilege version of this is the, “I can’t get a job without experience, and I can’t get experience without a job!”  Think about it.

Like his family, begging on the Internet, for the $3,000.00 they need just to bury him.  Let alone take care of his wife and children.   Millions are slung at “causes” daily, but millionaires tend to over look poverty like this.  It just isn’t on their radar.

You, now, here can make a REAL difference in one persons life. http://www.gofundme.com/ik8bb0



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