Ferguson Files: Berkley MO Edition

Yes children, the police didn’t even wait until the LOE’s in NYC were buried.  They thought we’d calmed down and all the “agitators” had gone to the other, bigger protests.  So, with a twisted sense of bad timing, the Berkley PD has shot another young black man.  The police say he pulled a gun when an officer got out of his car to question “two young black men standing on a corner”, witnesses say he had candy.  His girlfriend was there with him when he was shot.  Protestors massed almost immediately.  The police shut down the off and on ramps to the highway as well as surrounding streets.  Despite the mass of protestors, by 2am, there were at least 2 cops for each protestor.  I hear they plan on having a press conference here in a few minutes, but I heard what they had to say already.  With bad weather moving in and planned protests at Berkley PD, this is going to be some sort of holiday season.  I wish the police would take a holiday.

This all comes after the STLPD made the news passing out 100$ bills in Ferguson and it’s surrounding areas.  Including to the young woman who lost an eye to a rubber bullet.  Not sure how that is supposed to “make it all better” but they seemed to think it did.  So, Merry Fking Xmas STL, we still lead the nation in racism.


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