Ferguson Files/Berkeley Bulletin

Actions are popping up all across the nation and, here in St. Louis Metro Area, the movement is reinvigorated.  Today a group decided to “inconvenience” people at the local airport.  That takes amazing courage considering just what kind of law enforcement can be brought to bear at an airport.  But it was successful.

About 7pm a lot of us sat down to a community dinner and wellness fair that had been pulled together by Mama Cat and Marta.  Lots of good food and great company was just the start of a fantastic evening.  There were masseuses, reiki healers, an acupuncturist, and even nurses doing health checks.  People table hopped, hugged, swapped updates on people still in jail or who’d gotten out etc.  We even welcomed new members to the “fam”, though I’m sure they’d rather not have had to join the way the Martins’ did.  In other words, probably much like a family reunion.

We, who’ve been out on the lines for months or only days, quickly learn who is who (though you may not catch their name) and what folks are about.  C can cook, A does a mean cocoa, J is loud, M is always live, L is helpful, H is a dedicated streamer, N is always in the middle of mischief, E is noting things for her artwork, B has his camera everywhere, P-C is good for a hug, M is writing poetry, K is doing healing art and on and on and on.

Yes, everyone is good for something and everyone can do something.  Please, look into yourself and find something you are passionate about and are capable of doing.  Then, take that first step outside your comfort zone and do whatever it is that you can and want to do in and with the movement.


2 thoughts on “Ferguson Files/Berkeley Bulletin

    • Thank you so much for reading and responding. I am hoping that, for my grandkids, this will mean a change in this world for the better. And yes, unfortunately, I do think it might take that long.


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