Ferguson Files: Lost & Found

This started with a conversation about the fact that we seem to have been a movement long enough for things to get lost along the way and there are some folks who get given the “lost” in hopes that we can get them back to whomever lost them. It always seems to be the “women of a certain age” or “moms” that those things get turned over to.   I myself have a child’s red umbrella, some art supplies, 3 jackets, 2 shirts and a stocking cap or two.  But those are just things, stuff, somewhat replaceable perhaps.  Then there are those things you lose that can never be replaced.

Myself, I’ve lost my marriage, house, friends, and family.  I know many others dealing with the loss of people they’ve known,or thought they knew for years.  Families have divided over it, jobs have been lost on principle, and because bosses don’t like your free time activities.  People have lost their faith in God, in the system, in their neighbours and co-workers. I think the personal losses hit the hardest, at least for me.

When I get too down due to the losses and the personal politics, I try and remember what my first teacher in non-violence taught me.  If you lose things/stuff because of your way of moving through the world, it only makes your journey easier as it lightens your load.  That load will only get lighter when you are in a movement as you’ll find new friends, family of choice, new avenues to travel on with others of a like mind.

That is a wonderful thing, but humans don’t like change as we are creatures of habit, so it hurts to lose things, change your way of thinking, adjust your life to new paths.  My only advice is to acknowledge the pain, grieve the losses, and then, get back up and carry on.  Cry if you have to, scream if you must and break some cheap crockery when you just can’t stand it any more.  Repeat as necessary and Keep on Keeping On!


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