Ferguson Files: People of the Movement “Miz Scully”

If you’ve actually been out on the lot for any amount of time in Ferguson, chances are you’ve met Miz Scully even if you don’t know her name.  She’s the woman who manned the Subway counter almost every night.  She came out each night to let the protesters know she was about to close, if they needed the bathroom or last minute food.  She even protested on her breaks or precious days off.  She treats folks like she likes to be treated and has a smile for everyone.

Now, here are some things even the die hards may not have known.  She is in the middle of fighting off cancer for the 4th time.  Her disabled husband lost his menial part time job, due to the fires in Ferguson, and hasn’t been able to find another position.  Due to this, she’s working extra to make ends meet whilst still doing chemotherapy.  He is currently unable to get disability due to his action 25 years ago.  He did his time, and he’s still paying for the “crime” (drug possession charge).

She lives with constant police harassment due to past and present affiliations.  Yes, she gets dogged because even the police noticed her shop didn’t get smashed so she must be “one of them protester sympathizers”.  She also lives with the constant pain of her illness as well.  The poverty she lives in cannot be overstated, but she’ll tell you she’s just grateful to have a job even though it puts her out of the reach of government programs like Food Stamps, though not out of the reach of going hungry.

Next time, if ever, you’re in Ferguson, across from the PD, get a sandwich from Subway.  Ask for Mizz Scully and tip her!



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