Ferguson Files: Yes, We do Actually Have Demands

And tonight’s meeting at St. Louis (not Ferguson, Berkeley, Florrisant, Jennings, ad nauseum) but at St. Louis City Hall was in an effort to hold a hearing with the public safety committee in order to form a civilian oversight & IA board/commission over the Police Dept.   The audience was a bit peevish about who got to speak first and who had to line up etc. but the meeting was progressing somewhat towards forming resolutions etc. to take to the City Board of Alderman and the Mayor.

As the meeting progressed, it became clear that the chatter was upsetting some folks in the audience.  Then, as a police officer was trying to give testimony regarding this issue, the chatter got a bit louder.

Suddenly, the Police Union spokesman, Jeff Roorda, jumped up and yelled at the committee chair, Alderman Terry Kennedy, “How about some order here? Do your job!”  To which Alderman Kennedy replied, “First of all, you don’t tell me my function!”  Then Roorda rose up and charged through the waiting crowd of people waiting to testify.  In doing so, he smashed into a young woman who’d turned to make her way out of the hall.  It seems she wasn’t moving fast enough for Roorda as he pushed her at least twice and somehow scratched her face. It was during the pushing incident that Roorda’s “I am Darren Wilson” bracelet could be seen on his wrist and this further inflamed the situation. I’m going to see if I can link in the St. Louis American’s reporting (traditionally black paper) with, if found, something from the Post-Dispatch and any local TV stations coverage.  I invite you to view it all, make up your own mind and please do comment.  Do know this, we have demands, we always have had them, but NOBODY is listening and NOTHING has changed.






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