Ferguson Files: Baby, it’s COLD outside….

Yet we’re still here.  Yes, still holding vigils as the temps drop below freezing and falling fast.  Still marching, those that can in this cold.  And we’re still waiting….for the promised funding, promised programs, promised support, and promised help.  Might as well have promised us the moon whilst they were at it, for all the good it’s doing the ACTUAL protesters that have been out for months.  The ones who are “family” to each other now because we’ve discovered that “the man” is not always a man, but no matter the gender, there are thieves, cons, grifters, rappers, rippers, out of towners and some in-town folks who will do whatever they can to get a hold of some of that “movement money”.

They seem to affiliate with some that are trying to stifle the transparency they are demanding of the powers that be. Huge problem there is that if we don’t expose our own ba actors, you can be sure they will get front page treatment if those who support the status quo get a hold of the info.  Remember ACORN?  What happened to that nationwide network when corruption was exposed?  The problem with “not rocking the boat” is it’s exactly how we got to the flashpoint last August.

So, some words of wisdom from an old hand:  watch your wallet, don’t give more than you an afford to, chek the funding backer or non-profit “staff” payroll.

Yps, it’s a people’s movement, but the actual people?  Yeah, they are not feelin’ the love, just the Arctic blasts of February.


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