Ferguson Files: Solidarity Baltimore!

The unfortunate fact is that we here do know what is going on there, though it has gone on in many more places since last August than just Ferguson and Baltimore.  The paler types watched in horror as the actions of the police murder in S.C. played out on tape.  We, here, all knew that it was a hard fact that without that brave soul taping and being even braver to come forward, all we would have known is that yet another man was dead for no discernible reason.  In St. Louis Metro Area, we’ve had several incidences of police shooting down unarmed black men since August of last year.   It is evident that, despite a few cosmetic changes,the police chief, city manager and a judge/prosecutor/defense attorney (don’t ask!) stepped down with golden parachutes intact, nothing has really changed here.  So we went out tonight to march in Solidarity with the peaceful protesters in Baltimore.  The police soon put a stop to that.  Yes, they overreacted and brought out the MRAPs again.  They say it was due to a shooting in the area, but they didn’t drive into the area, just threatened the protesters to go home or be subject to arrest…all before 10pm CST.  What are we 13yr olds?  Not hardly.  And, as most parents know, if you are screaming at a teenager, they aren’t going to listen anyway.  I’m beginning to feel as if the police are the teens and we, the people who are sick and tired of being shoved around and told what to do, are the adults.  Try this, though a warning it might be fatal, go up to two total strangers talking to each other and tell them it’s time for them to go home as it’s after dark.  Did they think you were crazy or just bent on your own destruction?  Feel Free to comment on your results.


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